louise was fantastic

cant thank louise enough for helping me to pass my test.
she was recommended to me by a friend, id had various instructors in the past and she made me feel most comfortable.
Best out there !

lee squire

Nat was brilliant

Nat helped me so much she thought me how to drive safely and built my confidence in 2 weeks and passed first time 100% recommend Nat

Gianluca de martino

Louise is amazing

Louise is an amazing instructor, I have spent 8 years on and off driving and couldn't seem to get used to it but after being recommended I decided one final attempt to pass with Louise and after 4 months and a lot of lessons and patience on Louises behalf I have finally passed. For anyone who can be nervous and needs a patient instructor Louise is definitely your lady. 5*

Sophie Rochford

Louise is amazing

Louise is an amazing instructor, I have spent 8 years on and off driving and couldn't seem to get used to it but after being recommended I decided one final attempt to pass with Louise and after 4 months and a lot of lessons and patience on Louises behalf I have finally passed. For anyone who can be nervous and needs a patient instructor Louise is definitely your lady. 5*

Sophie Rochford

Louise was a great instructor! She was very patient and helped me to become very confident behind the wheel! She explained everything very clearly and walked through anything I struggled with.
Would definitely recommend!

Bethany Hampton

I would recommend Louise to every learner driver!!!!

Louise was recommended by friend. Iโ€™d been having driving lessons for many years but I was struggling with my confidence, never quite getting to grips with driving, the whole thing stressed me out. Louise was amazing!! She explained everything in a way I could understand and made me believe in myself. I canโ€™t thank her enough I had been driving for 5 years with a previous instructor, a short time with Louise and I passed!!!

Jody Robinson

Nat was brilliant

Nat was brilliant she helped me to overcome hurdles in a easy and sufficient manor, she helped me build confidence and she was such a professional.
Nat delivered her expertise very calmly And to her best ability to make me pass my test.
I passed my test first time and would highly recommend Nat she is a very good instructor.

Kyle Hollies

Louise was Great!

Louise was an amazing driving instructor, she was understanding, patient and helped my confidence considerably. I would highly recommend louise to anyone and cannot thank her enough for giving me the freedom to drive... Thank you 🚘

Rhiannon Preedy

Louise is a fantastic driving instructor!

Louise is a great instructor, cannot recommend her enough! She is so patient and made me feel confident behind the wheel. Louise is very reassuring and strives for her students to be the best they can! Really looked forward to having my lessons as they were good fun with good company. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tegenn Holloway

Passed first time thanks to Louise!!

Louise was by far the best instructor I could've hoped for. I learnt more in my first 2 hour lesson with Louise than I did in 10 hours with a different driving school!! She helped me gain my confidence back and even let me do lessons in my own car. I would 100% recommend!!

Kaden mahoney

Louise was the best

Louise was brilliant, help with my confidence and I couldnโ€™t of wish for a better instructor, I canโ€™t thank her enough, she is fantastic. Highly recommend

Lois Murt

Couldn't recommend Louise enough!

So glad I learnt with Louise, she is calm, reassuring, and explains perfectly when there is a hurdle. She is so patient and very friendly, which made me feel comfortable and built up my confidence.
Thank you for getting me there!

Sam Bonnington

Nat is great

I recently started learning again after failing my test more than five years ago and deciding that maybe driving a car wasn't for me.

Nat was quick to build my confidence based on my previous experience and helped me to improve exponentially over the first week of the intensive course.

While I did not pass my first test, Nat examined my shortfalls and made sure I was more than prepared when I took my second test the following week.

I thoroughly recommend Nat as she was brilliant and really did her best to get me through.

Miles Woodman

Louise was a wonderful Instuructor

Louise was a wonderful Instuructor and I canโ€™t recommend her enough. Very patient and understanding but pushed me when I needed it. So pleased with the whole experience. Thanks Louise.

Megan Ibbotson

Louise was by far the best

I have had 4 different instructors, and Louise was by far the best... I wish I had found her sooner! She worked with me in all the areas I was going wrong and I canโ€™t thank her enough for getting me through my test. Highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

Maria Perry

Natalie is brilliant!

Moved around a lot over the years and had a few few different instructors and Natalie is by faaar the best. Instantly clicked with her and she is very skilled and capable which makes driving with her so comfortable and reassuring - built up my confidence in leaps and bounds. I went from being anxious behind the wheel to focused and capable with Natalie because she is passionate about making good drivers and gives 100% of her energy and attention to the lesson and utilizes every minute in a productive way, no time is wasted - I passed first time and feel very reassured that I am a strong and capable driver because I learnt from the best. Natalie is also fun and a lovely lady - she has an instantly trustworthy character and any learner is lucky to have her! 🏆🏆🏆

Raphaella Fearns

would reccomend louise to anyone!

louise is a great teacher, fills you full of the confidence and knowledge to pass your test. honeslty can not reccomend highly enough.
thank you

ian nickson

Louise was an amazing instructor

Louise was an amazing instructor, she was very relaxed and had very good methods of teaching. This made it easy to develop skills that were needed to pass my driving test. She made it clear to me when I was ready to take my test Which I think is an important thing.


Louise is such an incredible instructor

Louise is such an incredible instructor, highly knowledgeable and very professional. She was able to create a picture of driving that is bearable to do, see I hated the idea of driving ( why a friend recommended her) but Louise was able to create a relaxed, non strenuous atmosphere that one could drive in.
She is patient, will explain things in different ways till they make sense to you. Louise listens to you, takes your worries and concerns onboard, then finds a solution that suits you. Within all these professionalism she still has space for banters and jokes.
For a guy who was nervous about driving and absolutely hated the idea of driving to go on an pass his test first trial, you know the Instructor have the magic sauce. Highly recommended 100%

Cornelius Amadi

Best instructor ever

I definitely recommend getting Natalie as your instructor her knowledge,wisdom and experience was so helpful getting me through the driving course. Couldnโ€™t asked for a better instructor.

Darol Shallow

Natalie was pretty chill

> Natalie < was pretty chill and awesome, she enabled me to pass my test and often pushed me to learn and experience different situations e.g. country roads vs dual carriageways. She also gives honest but constructive feedback which is ideal ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan h

Natalie was great

Natalie was great, she is an awesome instructor made me feel at ease throughout the whole process! She has now passed me and my wife, what a hero!

Kegan McPhilbin
Royal Navy


Natile is a great driving instructor. Gave me a lot of confidence for my test and guided me through the learning process in a very helpful way. Best driving instructor I've been with!

Dominic Wood

very supportive

After learning to drive on and off for a few years, with several different instructors, Louise helped me pass my test quickly - really nice and explained things well, and very supportive even when I didn't think I could do it! Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

Colette Jones


Natalie is such a great instructor who always provided structured lessons which helped me to progress quickly. She always explained my queries in detail which allowed me to understand the road well. I really enjoyed being taught my Natalie as she is very friendly, which makes it so much easier to drive as you feel at ease. Thank you for all youโ€™ve done to help me pass; I definitely couldnโ€™t have got through first time if I was with some one else for sure! THANKS!!!

Holly McGroary

Thank You Natalie!!

Natalie is a great instructor. She made me feel at ease and really boosted my confidence. I'm so pleased that I had her as an instructor and thanks to Natalie I passed first time!

Joe Ventham

Really helpful!

I just want to say thank you so much to Louise for helping me pass my driving test!
In the past I had had trouble building the confidence to take the test but Louise helped me to feel confident and see it through!

Niamh Rice

Louise was brilliant!

Louise was brilliant as my driving instructor. She was so calm and put me at ease straight away. She explained things so clearly to me and made me feel really confident with my driving skills. Would highly recommend Louise and 1st4driving.

Luke Barlow

Natalie is great!

Natalie is great I had great one to on sessions in driving and she help me increase my confidence in driving. I would recommend this independent driving school for tuitions from this region.

Kevin Leavy

Fantastic teaching

Very nervous starting out, Natalie put me at ease straight away, great teaching method and had a good laugh. Passed first time thanks to her!! Faultless!

Chris Thorne

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant would definitely recommend best out of all the driving structures Iโ€™ve had.

Patrick Collins


Passed second time thanks to Natalie! Couldnโ€™t say a bad word about her or her driving instructor skills!

Zoe Donna Milner
Elite Automotive

Passed first time!

Highly recommend using Natalie! Brilliant instructor who understood my ability level very quickly. Never sat behind the wheel of a car before and had me successfully pass first time!

Peter White
Royal Navy

Natalie is Great

I would just like to say how great Natalie is as an instructor after a bad experience with my previous instructor . She put me at ease and nothing was too much trouble even if she had to explain over and over. I would reccomend her to everyone. She is a real ambassador to her job. Thank you for your time and getting me through my test.

Annette martin


I had the pleasure of having Natalie as a driving instructor for the week. I had previous experience of driving however was never confident in my ability and always nervous with my previous instructor. Natalie was calm and boosted me with confidence which is always a key thing when trying to learn a new skill. Always willing to take extra time to focus on certain aspects of driving such as manoeuvres. I would highly recommend Natalie if youโ€™re in need of an instructor

Kav Cronin
Royal Navy

Louise is highly recommended

Thank you to Louise you are a great Instructor, best one ive been with, you have great patience and you give clear instructionโ€™s, i fully recommend you to any learner drivers, thank you again your a diamond

Sian goffin

Great instruction

Was taught by Natalie she was a really good teacher and helped me pass first time. Really calm and nice driving experience would highly recommend

Jakob Hogg
Royal Navy

Amazing instructor

Louise was an amazing instructor and was always so lovely. She has taught me well and has made me ready to drive safely on the road. She had much patience with me whenever I got things wrong and would then help me too get it right. She is so easy to talk to and that made lessons easier. I would 100% recommend. Thank you Louise for having so much patience and for helping me pass.

Abbie Price

Louise is fantastic!

Louise is a fantastic instructor, I was a bit slow learning everything and she was fantastic help and got me through. Would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much Louise for your time and effort

Alex Slater-Brown


Thank you so much to Louise for her time and understanding!
Iโ€™m so glad I went with Louise when I changed instructors at the beginning under circumstances. Best choice I ever did! Took me a while to pass due to nerves but she never gives up on you or puts you in doubt. Will always recommend to other people!

Lucy Fox

Natalie was lovely

Iโ€™d had a few hours driving experience with a very angry instructor which put me off driving for a while. I had Natalie as an instructor and it was a totally different experience, she was lovely, calm and took her time in teaching. Only needed around 16 hours and passed first time. Would definitely recommend for new drivers!

Luke Kitson
Royal Navy

Professional, friendly and effective.

I had the pleasure of being taught by Natalie. I had some previous experience and she really helped me polish my driving skills. I passed first time under her teaching and would highly recommend!

Christian Etheridge
Royal Navy

Well taught

Without much experience prior, I passed my driving test within a week due to Natalie.

Her teaching was calm and well explained and structured throughout.

Every aspect was throughroly explained and guided through the practical process until confident you can do it in aided.

Fully recommended!

Alex oaks
Royal Navy

Great instructor!

Louise really helped me to build my confidence in my driving, allowing me to learn from my mistakes and practice whatever I needed to practice as many times as I liked! Easy to talk to and prepares you to drive safely. Would reccomend! Thank you Louise!

Aimee Drinnan

Highly Recommended

great instructor. Very easy to get along with and knows her stuff. She was able to get me to pass in 5 days first time. Making me into a confident driver with her teaching styles.

David Francies

Great instructor!

Natalie is a great instructor, very patient and easy going. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive!

Drew Allison
Royal Navy

Patient Instructor

Nat was a thoroughly competent and patient instructor. Taking a complete novice in myself and guiding me to a successful pass in 8 days. Always taking time to explain my errors and the corrective action required to address them. Many many thanks Nat I owe passing my practical test down to your perseverance to improve my limited abilities.

Ben Preston

Reliable and lovely

Highly recommend Nat, helped me for the second time to pass my test after losing my lisence! Lovely conpany and so reliable! Thanks again Nat!!


Amazing Instructor!

Iโ€™d never sat in the front wheel and Natalie was very patient and is a very good instructor! After only 2 weeks I passed my practical test, and she was supportive the whole way. Thanks Natalie!

Jacob Marker
Royal Navy

Thank you Louise

I never thought I'd have fun whilst learning to drive, i thought it would be hours of anxiety but learning to drive with Louise was amazing. she made me feel confident enough in myself to look forward to my lessons. would highly recommend learning to drive with her, thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test 😁

Melodie Laity

Highly recommend Nat!

I would highly recommend anyone to learn to drive with Nat!
She is very patient, with a very good instructing style.
Took a complete beginner and turned me into a confident driver, who passed first time. Can't thank her enough!

Keith Robinson
Royal Navy

Thank you Natalie

Thank you so much Natalie. Will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks.

Katrina harris

the best ever!

Highly recommend Louise! The most amazing driving instructor ever. Sheโ€™s so patient and calm, and because of this you feel so relaxed. Sheโ€™s taught me not only how to pass the test but how to be a confident driver. Louise is so accommodating and adjusts lessons and times to fit in with what youโ€™re doing. Canโ€™t recommend enough!

Holly Jennings

Natalie is Fantastic

Natalie is a fantastic instructor would recommend to anyone. Very easy going and understandable made me feel comfortable from day one.

Eddie Edmondson


Louise is a great instructor! Iโ€™ve gone from a shy driver who didnโ€™t know a lot to a very confident driver. She gives very clear directions to follow and helped me understand where my weak spots were. Louise has taught me how to properly drive rather than to just pass the test. Thank you so much!

Sophia Georgia Temby
1st 4 driving

Thanks Natalie!

Can't say enough just how good an instructor Natalie Hosking is! In the short space of two weeks I've gone from being shy at the wheel to a confident driver with a very good pass and it is all thanks to her. Thanks again for all your time and effort!


Jevan Raynor
Royal Navy

100% Amazing

100% amazing instructor very understanding and easy to drive with! She helped me pass! Within a couple of months! Highly recommended!

James Daniel hawkins
Natalie hosking

A big thank you to Natalie

Natalie is an excellent driving instructor. After feeling uncomfortable trying to learn with someone else, I decided to learn with Natalie. She is patient, realistic, and supportive. I will definitely recommend her to others. She tailored our lessons to fit my circumstances and learning pace and I feel as though I have passed my test knowing how to drive, rather than how to pass.

Rachel Claire Bell

Massive thanks to Natalie!

Have only got good words to say about Natalie. She's extremely patient and calm, and everything was always explained in detail; meaning I never felt stressed or uncomfortable while driving. Can't recommend her enough! Thank you so much helping me pass my test Natalie

Esme Lansdowne


Natalie is great instructor, very understanding. Had great patience with me, clear and precise instruction. She knew my weak areas and helped me work on them and I would highly recommend her.

Curtis Kidd

Big thanks to Louise

Big thanks to Louise for helping me pass my test first time. She is a great instructor - very patient, reassuring and gave clear concise instructions. Would highly recommend!

Chris Jefferies

Thank you so much to Natalie

Thank you so much to Natalie for helping me learn to drive! She was very patient and helped me through everything so I understood it all, highly recommended!

Amelia Edwards

Nats the best

After having 2 previous driving instructors, it's apparent that Nat is, by far, the best.
Shes calm and relaxed which creates a great learning environment.
She can easily identify any issies someone may have and then using her 16 years of teaching, is able to offer great tips, advixe and coaching to improve the areas.
I would reccomend Nat to anyon wishing to drive in the area.
Thank you

Marc Sanham
Royal Navy

Very patient

Thanks to Natalie I passed first time, she was great to learn with and patient with me throughout our months of driving. Never once felt uncomfortable in all my time at the wheel and everything was thoroughly explained to me clearly and concisely, thanks Nat!

Ross Sutherland

Great Instructor

Nat is an excellent instructor, very patient and calm. She has lots of training aids to suit each individual learner and goes into depth with all the questions you ask her. Brilliant instructor!

Royal Navy

Louise is a superstar!

Well what can I say... Louise Nicholas is a superstar!!! If louise can get me through my test them there is no need to look any further for an instructor . This lady me feel so confident all the way through and she remained patient even when I made repeated mistakes ...Thank you louis e i will be eternally grateful to you .

Nicola galvin

Fab Instructor

Louise Nichols was a fab instructor! Very patient, lovely, and made an effort to explain things in various ways to make everything easily understandable. Will make you feel very at ease and relaxed behind the wheel. Very highly recommend!

Amy Ellis


Natalie is an excellent instructor; very patient and understanding. All the lessons were delivered in a clear and consistent manner with any areas for improvement quickly identified and covered. I passed first time and couldn't recommend more.

Scott Duncan
Royal Navy


Natalie is an excellent instructor; very patient and understanding. All the lessons were delivered in a clear and consistent manner with any areas for improvement quickly identified and covered. I passed first time and couldn't recommend more.

Scott Duncan
Royal Navy

Great driving instructor

Natalie was very patient and always made me feel relaxed and confident at the wheel. Would recommend to any new driver canโ€™t praise her enough


Nat was amazing!

Natalie was hands down the best instructor I've ever had, very patient and very helpful, answered every question with as much detail as possible. Really fantastic instructor, you couldn't ask for anyone better!

Samantha Cooper
Royal Navy

Natalie was excellent

Natalie was an excellent instructor, made me feel comfortable and confident! She was very patient and calm at all times during instruction and she was very friendly. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start driving!

Devann Anne Solomon

Thankyou Nat!

Natalie is one of the best! She's patient and will help you feel extremely relaxed and at ease, I was extremely nervous but thanks to nat I passed first time! She's a wonderful lady and in a place like Cornwall you need a drivers licence! So thanks again nat! Hopefully see you round!

Natasha botheras

Natalie was a great instructor

Natalie was a great instructor, incredibly patient and was always confident in me. Would definitely recommend to others learning to drive.

Ashley Whittle

Highly recommend Louise

Having not driven in quite a few years, I felt like I'd given Louise an impossible task by asking her to get me test ready in a really short period of time. She achieved this easily with her professional and friendly attitude. I've never felt so comfortable with an instructor before. It felt like just going for a drive with a friend.
I will and already have highly recommended her.

David Hanks

Thanks Louise

Louise is a fantastic driving instructor and I highly recommend her to everyone.


Best Instructor

Natalie was the best instructor i could of asked for, she was very relaxed with her teaching methods and has great patience for teaching, would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to start driving.

Ryan Moir

Natalie is fab

Extremely patient and calm instruction with a warm friendly manner. She teaches routine and structure allowing the learner to build a foundation for putting all the elements of driving together. Would definitely recommend for any level of driver, from beginner to almost at test stage ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer ralston
Royal Navy

Best instructor Ever

Best instructor ever! Natalie said I'd pass when I thought I wouldn't. Really felt at ease with her couldn't recommend a better instructor

Amy Symons

Louise was great!

Louise was a great instructor would definitely recommend,passed first time so Louise must be doing something good,a new great friend.
I stress out quite a lot but Louise was there to calm me and was very patient with me. Thank you soon much:)

India Yeouart

Relaxed comfortable learning experience

Having not learned in 4 years i was lucky enough to find Louise as my driving instructor. She got me up to speed for my test in no time even though I could barely drive anymore. Would highly recommend.

Zachary Harvey

Thank you

Thanks Natalie for all the patients you had with me whilst teaching me, you are a great instructor and very experienced at what you do. I would recommend to anyone.

Oliver Mulvany

Very good

The instruction was top notch, I would highly recommend, she is both helpful and informative.

Jacob nicholls
Royal Navy

Louise is Awesome

Louise is a awesome teacher! I had lots of bad habits and was a bag of nerves, but Louise was so patient with me and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable .
Passed 1st time thanks to her .

Melanie Howle

Best By Far

I had previously completed 3 tests with a different instructor but I then came to Natalie and asked for help. She told me that everything I was doing was fine but there was minor tweaks that I needed. After only 2 lessons with Natalie my test was booked and today 16/06/2017 I passed my test. I would like to thank Natalie and the team very much for everything.

Harry phipps


Would like to say a huge thank you to Natalie. She gave such great instruction. She was extreamly patient and calm. I felt very prepared when it came to my test and passed first time. Really recommend this company. Thanks again!

Amie Bennett
Royal Navy

Really good instructor, Really great experience.

I had lots of bad habits that had to be corrected and Louise was very good at doing this in a calm and considerate way. I don't think that many people could have done the job that she did and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this driving school to anyone, of any age, who needs to pass what is a very difficult test. Put your trust in this driving school and you won't regret it.

Donovan MacCluskey

Louise is a really good teacher!

Recently passed my test, had the fantastic Louise as my instructor, she was a really good teacher, and had a great sense of humour which put me totally at ease, could not recommend her enough, thanks Louise!! : )

Cally Parris

Great instruction

Natalie is an amazing instructor and made me feel extremely comfortable on the road. Due to the helpful and incitive instruction I was able to pass my test first time and I would recommend it to anyone.

Aneurin Carter
Royal Navy

Nat is brilliant!

Nat is a brilliant instructor who will adapt instruction style to suit your level of experience.
I went from 0 car experience to passing first time within 8 days!
Thanks Nat!

Tom Beacham


Amazing teaching from Nat! Passed my test in just 4 days!couldn't of done it without you thanks

Dylan Bonas


Today I passed my driving test with the help of Natalie Hosking, what a wonderful instructor she took me from a complete novice to a competent driver in 38hrs. Her patients and instruction style helped me a lot. I can not recommend and thank this exceptional, warm, understanding, calming lady enough. BZ

Keiran fisher
Royal Navy


I'd been learning to drive for a long time before I started with Louise. My previous instructor had knocked my confidence by always picking at my driving skills, but Louise was amazing right from the start and showed a lot of confidence in me, and made me feel at ease straight away. I really enjoyed my lessons, they helped me to become a confident driver, and to pass my test first time! Thank you so much Louise!

Zanna Goldhawk

Thank you Louise ๐Ÿ™‚

I started driving with Louise with not a lot of confidence and never expected to pass my test first time. But I managed to pass first time feeling relaxed and not stressed. A lot of this is due to the support and help I had alongside my driving lesson's with Louise. You will feel at ease in the car for sure.
I would highly recommend Louise to friends and family. Infact I already have ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you again Louise

Georgina Eastwood

Thank you Nat

Natalie is a really good instructor and she's calm . She helped me to pass my test and she makes learning how to drive easy, and helps you if you have any problems or questions.

Joel simon Cook

Really good, thanks Nat

Nat is a really good instructor, explained everything well and helped me understand anything that I didn't get. I really enjoyed having driving lessons, thanks Nat!

Liv Harrison

Thank You Sooooooooo Much!!!

Thank you so much Nat for all your help, support and most of all patience, if I could bottle this I would make a fortune!!

You had more faith in me than I had in myself and for that I will always be very grateful. Learning with you was always a fun experience and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thanks again, Ali.... xxxxxx

Alison Helmore

Thank you Louise!

A big thank you to Louise for helping me in areas I struggled with, very supportive and direct instruction on how to correct my weaknesses. Very easy to get along with aswell!
Thanks again Louise!

Jesse Anderson

Happy days cheers Nat ๐Ÿ™‚

cheers Natalie for getting this old dog to learn a new trick of driving. With your praising and guidance all helping to me passing first time and in only a week. Now I have renewed inspiration to work on my restoration project and by the time it is ready I should have a fair bit of experience under my belt to drive it safely. thanks again and would recommend Natalie to anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ photo is of how my project should look when finished ๐Ÿ™‚

jonathan evans
Royal Navy

Thank You Louise

I was a nervous driver, wanted to drive but found it very difficult so I decided to switch to a new driving instructor to see if I needed a different approach. That's when I contacted Louise and it was the best decision I could of made. Louise was very patient, friendly and I found driving lessons enjoyable and realised I could do it after all.
I would definitely recommend Louise to friends and family including my daughter in 5 years time.
Thank you Louise.

Cheryl Vincent

Amazing support and teaching from louise

Louise is a fantastic instructor, very calm and considering I had never driven before she broke down the whole process which worked well for me to learn. A real gem of a person aswell. Strongly recommended to friends already.All the best

Stephen Block

Fantastic help and support from Louise!

I can't thank Louise enough for putting up with my initial shakiness, wavering uncertainty and crippling idiocy whilst tutoring me.

With straight, no nonsense direction and a great sense of humour, Louise ensured that I was prepared for any eventuality (or potential snafus) during my test.

I can't recommend Louise nearly enough and I have been sure to point some of my friends toward her and 1st 4 Driving!

Chris Parks

Thankyou very much louise

I want to thank louise for whipping me through my test at lightning speed.
She is good at what she does, and what a sense of humour!
but seriously I can't thank you enough.
Much love

Lanyon Harding


Would like to say a massive thank you to louise for helping me pass my driving test first time I wouldn't of been able to do it with out all your help I would highly recommend louise

Aaron lyons

A big thanks to Natalie and John

A big thanks to Natalie and John for all your help getting me through my test, a very patient and proffesional instructor who was increadibly helpful in helping me learn to drive!

Jamie Marchant

Cheers Nat!

I must thank Natalie for being a superb instructor. She definitely saw the areas I was weak in and had me correct them, kudos for helping me to pass in approximately one week. Once again cheers Nat!!!


Shaun Ferdinand

Massive thanks goes to Natalie

Massive thanks goes to Natalie for her instruction and getting me up to test standard in a week! I can't recommend her highly enough. Her experience as an Instructor shines through which put me totally at ease and her attitude towards learners is brilliant. If you're looking for a quality instructor in the area,look no more and give Natalie a call!
Cheers Nat,

Ben Westwell
Royal Navy

Great Experience and Support!

A great big thankyou to Louise for helping me achieve the impossible and pass my test!

Louise helped so much! She had the perfect balance of making the lesson as productive as possible while still making it enjoyable. I can't thank her enough!

Thank you so much!

Robert Dyer

Thank You very much Natalie

Thank you very much Natalie, very good instructor. Really friendly and helpful and has a lot of patience. She can see which areas are your strengths and which areas where you need to work on, really helped having a full weeks course with her and she got me to the standard I needed to be in very quick time. Thanks again

Niall mcglade
Royal navy

Thanks Natalie

Would like to thanks Natalie for helping me pass my test. She doesn't beat around the bush, if she thinks you are ready she will put you in for your test. Took me seven lessons (with a few years ago) and was confident I would pass. Unfortunately I had a major on my first test, but sailed through on my second. All in all, any learner or tutor has to be happy with seven lessons and a pass second time round. Highly recommend and thanks once again Natalie x

Craig hosking
KN Group

Thanks Louise

I can highly recommend Louise to anyone needing a driving instructor. She's really patient, knowledgeable, and helps to build your confidence. Thank you so much!

Jess Lessiter

Passed first time!!

Just want to say a massive thank you to Louise for supporting me through my driving lessons and helping me pass my driving test first time. I couldn't have done it without you. I highly recommend Louise as an instructor she is a very caring person and also has alot of patience. Thanks again Louise!

Jodie Andrews

Massive Thank You to Natalie

Massive thank you to Natalie, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Passing both tests first try with not much experience away from lessons, top class teacher!

William Gibson

Thank you so much Louise!

I would definitely recommend Louise.
Great, caring person and very patient and also is very understanding.
I can't thank Louise enough for putting up with me when I do things wrong but with a bit of encouragement you pushed me to achieve my goal which was to pass my test!! Thank you so much and I will miss you!

Beth Shearer

Thank you nat

Thank you Natalie for being such a good instructor, really friendly and helpful during lessons. Really helped having frequent lessons leading up to test this gave me alot more confidence in my test and helped me prepare well. Highly recommended as she is a legend! Thanks

Wade toy

Thank you so much, Louise, you're the best!

Louise is everything you could want in a driving instructor, confident, patient, reassuring and informative. Her style of teaching instantly made me feel relaxed which then meant it wasn't long 'til I built confidence with driving. Louise also pays attention to how you learn and accommodates for that in her lessons. I really appreciated that she took the time to do this; I am not a practical learner but with Louise's reassurance I overcame the worries I had with driving. Louise is also a really lovely person to chat to, which is definitely a bonus when you're spending hours per week in a car together! I felt that each aspect of driving was explained and I couldn't be happier choosing 1st4DrivingCornwall. Many, many thanks go out to Louise for the essential life skill she has given me!

Hollie Fry

Thanks Nat

Had nat for my driving lessons and she was a great help! Was very patient and encouraging. Was able to pass my driving test just 5 days after starting my lessons! Definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive ! 10/10

Matt Law

Thanks Louise..

Louise was just amazing, she went out of her way to ensure I get frequent lessons living in a difficult area. The second we met I felt relaxed and encouraged. Very supportive and I feel I have made a friend. She helped me do something I didnt think was possible at times. Thank you Louise, legend! Xx

Shane rule

Thanks to Nat

I would just like to say thanks to Nat for the brilliant driving lessons and knowledge she has shown to help me pass my driving test, all aspects of the lessons where brilliant, defiantly would recommend for future drivers. Thanks again

Josh krogulski

huge shout out to louise

massive thanks, couldn't of been taught by a better instructor, really nice and friendly, mega encouraging and patient, couldn't recommend anyone greater, all round legend, thank you for everything!!

keziah armstrong

Thank you so much Natalie!

After failing three tests many years ago due to nerves I put off re-testing for a long time but Natalie was unbelievably kind, patient and instructive in getting me back up to speed and ready for my test. So happy to say I've now passed and it's all thanks to Natalie!

Jake Mackintosh

Huge thanks to Louise 🚗

Can't thank Louise enough for her teaching me how to drive! Louise is an amazing instructor, very calm and supportive as i was a nervous driver. Would definately recommend Louise to anyone i know looking to drive as she has changed my life being able to drive. Thank you so much Louise!

sarah-jane worrall

Massive thanks to Natalie

A massive thanks to Natalie who has helped me loads on passing my test first time! With out the help I would not of been able to pass! Natalie found my weaknesses and helped to improve them! So a massive thanks Natalie! Best instructor around and would recommend her no matter what!!!

John Edward Moore

Thank you Louise โ˜บ

Louise is a fantastic driving instructor, calm, patient and relaxed. I cannot recommend her enough. If she can get me to pass first time then anyone can! Thank you Louise x

Dan Arnull

Can't thank Louise enough!

Louise is a great instructor who ensured that I was calm and comfortable throughout the whole process of learning and the test. Honestly can't thank you enough for everything, would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn!

Abbie Garland

Louise was fantastic!

Louise was a fantastic driving instructor and made me feel so comfortable as a nervous driver. Really encouraging through out and got me through my test with a pass first time. Will definitely be recommending to others. Thanks again Louise !!

Danielle podd

A very big Thank You to Natalie

After having hours of lessons with previous instructors, Natalie help me find my weaknesses and how to improve on them, so a very big thank you to Natalie 😊

Catherine Francis

Cheers Natalie

Started from scratch, Natalie helped me understand the basics of driving. I can't fault her approach to teaching at all, passing took longer than it should have but that's nobody's fault but mine. Can't recommend Nat enough!

Jake Bolton

Happy days!

Having not been behind the wheel for well over a year, Natalie's way of teaching and personality in general really helped me feel confident again in a few hours. She's a brilliant instructor and kept things relaxed and even humorous which is always a good thing! Only took me a week and I couldn't recommend her enough, thanks again Natalie!

Brett Hesketh
Royal Navy


Image of Driving Lessons Truro

Just want to say Natalie is an absolute star. She not only helped me out at shirt notice she gave me me confidence back. I went on to pass my test 1st time with 1 minor. Will be recommending her to everyone who asks about wanting future lessons.

Sarah Margerison

Thank you Louise!

Louise is a really great driving instructor! I had no driving experience but she makes you feel comfortable so you don't worry too much when you make mistakes. She's also really helpful and chatty making the process of learning a lot more bearable, I highly recommend this driving school!

Faith Cox

Fantastic driving lessons

Had nat as the instuctor and was really good, very knowledgable instructor and helped me from scratch to pass in a short space of time. Also made me feel very comfortable even when i made some mistakes. Would advise her to anyone looking to learn as i thoroughly enjoyed my experience


Adam clarke
Royal navy

Cheers Natalie

Started with 0 hours driving, Natalie helped me grasp the basics quickly and her calm, supportive approach helped me get my nerves under control. Passing my test quickly I only have Nat to thank! Highly recommended!!

Cheers Nat.

Callum Stone
Royal Navy

Louise is the boss!

Louise is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor! Not only was she patient, calm and supportive. She was also very humorous which made lessons even more enjoyable. I definitely wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for Louise, i would recommend her to anyone who is looking to pass their test and learning to drive.

Cheers Louise
Your a legend!

Conor James Shapcott

Over the moon with passing!

After having a previous instructor and struggling to make much progress, I improved quickly with Natalie and passed first time over the summer holidays! I'm so happy that I can finally drive, and can't wait to explore the new freedom it will give me! I couldn't speak highly enough of the driving school, and would recommend them too anybody ๐Ÿ™‚

Molly Partridge

Very good teacher

Louise is a very good teacher and makes it very easy to drive, really nice person and friendly to have as a driving instructor, I highly recommend you take lessons with her!

Harry wilkinson

Really Helpful

Thanks Nat! Without all of your help wouldn't have been able to pass my test first time! Really helpful and very patient all the way through the process and managed to get me from near novice to full license in under six weeks! Thanks again!

Alex Firth

Thank you Natalie

I have had lessons on and off for years but never had an instructor as patience and calming as Natalie! Amazing from start to finish. She really gave me the confidence I needed to take the test and second time, after I got rid of the nerves, I passed with flying colours! Thank you Natalie I don't think I would ever passed if it wasn't for you!!

Gemma Gale

Thank You Natalie

Because of Nat's high standard of instruction I went from the basics to being ready for and passing my test very quickly. Natalie helped me overcome any confidence issues and because of Nat I now have my full driving license
Thanks again Nat your a star!!!!!!

David Johnston
Royal Navy

Louise is F A B !

Louise is the best driving instructor and I definitely wouldn't have thought I would pass if it wasn't for the confidence she gave me. Not only is she patient but explains everything really well, is reliable and makes each lesson super comfortable with her chat and banter. I would recommend Louise to anyone as she really is fab! Thank you Louise!

Katie Vinnac


You got me through it Nat and never stopped believing in me when I didn't believe in my self.your encouragement and determination to see me pass never faltered there's a whole new word waiting for me and my daughter and it's with thanks to you that I have this.thanks all my love Sammy xxxx

Sammy johnston
1st4 driving

Thank you Natalie!

A big thank you to Natalie who helped me pass my driving test first time yesterday.
I had no previous driving experience and went from being a complete novice to passing in just under 4 months! She always made me feel safe and calm keeping lessons fun and entertaining! Cheers Nat, would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Caitlin Crocker

Excellent !!

Thanks so much to Louise, for awesome lessons and getting me ready in time for my test ๐Ÿ™‚

Harry de Roth

Louise was a really great driving instructor!!

Louise was a very patient instructor, always explained things really well and was always open to questions. She helped me feel comfortable in the car and I would really recommend her to anyone looking for a good and reliable driving instructor!!! Thank you Louise!!

Isabel Davies

Thankyou Natalie

Thanks to Nat i passed with 0 minors. She helped me build confidence in my driving and always knew how to explain things so I could understand. A great instructor who has a lot of patience!

Thanks Nat!!!

Grant Taylor


Natalie explains everything simply, making sure you understand. She made me feel so much more confident driving and I can't thank her enough for helping me pass!

Jenny Scott Russell

Natalie was great!

Thank you to Natalie for being patient with me and helping me understand my faults better! Thanks to her I passed first time with 6 minors. Great instructor.

Claire Edward
Royal Navy


Thank you Louise, you were so patient and understanding. When I thought I would never pass you boosted my confidence and reassured me that I would.
The car is really nippy and easy to learn in, so good I even bought one myself.
I definitely recommend Louise as a driving instructor and wouldn't have had any body else.
(she even provides chocolate incentives)

Tallulah Yates Luckwell

Thank you Natalie!!

I passed today first time with 7 minors!! Natalie is very patient, and gave me all the time I needed for stages that I found difficult. She explained everything in the right way which I understood so well. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Georgia Wherry

Passed first time thanks to Louise!

I really cannot recommend Louise highly enough. I am a very nervous person by nature and Louise managed to get me to pass first time! Her explanations were always clear and concise and she always made sure that I felt comfortable in the driver seat.
Thanks to Louise I have a new lease of life and cannot thank her enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Dominique Cruz

Louise is the best!

I would like to say a massive thank you to my driving instructor Louise for giving me the guidance and confidence to pass my test. Your the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tamara Vincent


hi i recently passed my test and would like to say a huge thank u to louise for getting me there and that i will highly recommend people thank u again couldnt be more happier

leeanna s palmer

Natalie was Amazing

Natalie was amazing! Thanks to her I passed my test 1st time with 5 minor faults. She was a pleasure to learn to drive with, patient and reassuring at all times even when I panicked and got flustered! I would highly recommend her. Thank you Natalie!

Nita Birchmore

Thank you Louise!

I found Louise after having 10 lessons with a different driving instructor. She made me feel completely at ease and I knew I could pass the test with her. I looked forward to the lessons rather than dreading them and got more and more confident every week. I am super grateful and would recommend having lessons with Louise, especially if you feel nervous in the car. Thank you!!

Abigail Langridge

Thank You Natalie! ! ! ! ! !

Passed with 3 minors thanks to Natalie!

Her calm nature and patience are legendary which really helped me sort out the mistakes i was making! Having just moved to Cornwall and knowing none of the roads I really couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Most importantly she taught me numerous good habits I will continue to use even after passing!!!

Thank you for everything Nat! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Julian Ferrari

Natalie is fantastic!

So patient, understanding and confidence-boosting! Having had a previously patchy driving experience, with 4 instructors over 2 years, I had little confidence, but Nat was super reassuring and I have really enjoyed all my lessons with her. All my lessons have been so beneficial and effective, tailored to my needs so I progressed very quickly with Nat's help. Absolutely could not have asked for a better instructor!

Jenny Craddock

Brilliant instructor

Louise is a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed all my lessons with her. She is very patient and every lesson gave me more confidence in driving. I have and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn. Passing my test has given me so much more freedom. Thanks Louise

Sarah Taylor

Louise is the best!!!

So happy I passed on my first attempt but couldn't have done it without Louises excellent tuition and patience!!! Made me feel relaxed throughout!! Highly recommended!

David park

Louise is amazing.

Louise is a very patient instructor and made me feel at ease. Thank you to her I passed test this week finally! She taught me how to drive and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn. Thank you Louise.

laura burrell

Natalie is Brilliant!

Thank you so much Natalie!
Natalie was able to give me the positive encouragement and technique to not only pass my test, but feel confident behind the wheel. I never thought I would. Having had a provisional licence for 16 years, I came to Natalie with an optimistic time frame and she accommodated me, getting me through the test in just one month! I improved massively with every lesson. I never felt a single second was wasted.
I could not imagine a better teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She even has me parralel parking with confidence.
Thank you Natalie!

Gemma Budden

Flexible With the hours!

My instructor was Natalie and she was fantastic! Very patient and flexible with the hours she offered! Cracking sense of humour and put me at ease straight away with her friendly nature and easy to understand lessons! I really appreciate the time she took to helping me out which resulted in passing my test first time! Thanks Nat!

James Burch
Royal Navy

Natalie is an absolute beauty!

I can't thank Natalie enough for the time and effort she put in to help me pass! She was my 2nd instructor and I couldn't recommend anyone higher to learn with! Her calm nature and techniques of teaching are just amazing! Thank you so much Natalie!

Hayden Thomas-Fuller

Patient, calm and encouraging

After a shaky year and a half, my poor instructor Natalie finally pinned me down and booked my test.
Through out the whole process Nat has been nothing but wonderful. A fantastic instructor who is incredibly calming, who had faith in me, when I didn't. She is patient, hard working, and made me realise that I was capable of driving.
I have recommended her to several of my friends with the hope they book in with her, so they can see how amazing she is.
It's been a pure joy to learn with her, and I miss her every week on a Thursday. We have shared laughs, tears, anger and sadness and she stuck by me through thick and thin.
I can never thank her for what she did for me, not just the driving but the confidence she put in me, after a very horrible time. I now have a new sense of freedom and independence.
Thank you x

Beth Grandy

Nat is fab!

Loved having driving lessons with Natalie and as much as I am happy to be able to have passed my test I really do miss my lessons, catch ups and laughs!
Nat had the patience of a saint when teaching me and even though I didn't always get things the first time round, she was always there making sure I felt ready and keen to keep on trying! Thank you so so much Nat! โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

Autumn Lane

Louise is very patient!

Today I passed my test - thanks to Louise! Whilst Louise has taught me how to drive, she has been nothing but patient, understand and simply amazing! I would recommend her to anyone, and I'm so thankful for all that she has taught me. Thank you, Emily xx

Emily Grant

Thankyou Louise!!

Thanks Louise for helping me pass my test with only 2 minors!
A very patient and amazing instructor, highly recommend for any learners!
Thankyou Louise!! 😊 Xx

Jade Care-Williams

Thank you Natalie

A big thank you to Natalie. Without her calm nature I do not think I would of ever passed. She has a great sense of humour and made me feel relaxed. She was clear in her instructions and when making a mistake she did not judge. Natalie was my second instructor and it was her that got me through my learning experience and test. I have already recommended her to others in my area. Many thanks.

I will Love her forever and ever!

image of driving lessons Penzance
My driving instructor was Louise, what a legend. Passed my test first time! She's absolutely incredible at teaching, made sure i understood everything, went over anything i was unsure about and gave the best constructive criticism. She's also fabulous with advise and hilariously funny. Not only was she the best teacher, she also became a great friend and I will love her forever and ever.

Jenna-Marie Fox

Thank you Louise!

Thank you Louise for your outstanding teaching and putting up with me for as long as you did. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for a driving school.

Jake Cooper

I cant thank Louise Enough!

I couldn't thank Louise enough! I passed with only 10 hours behind me, 2nd time round!

So patient and understanding and I couldn't be more thankful for how much she helped me!

Thankyou so so much Louise!xx

Abi Watson

Louise Is Fantastic!

I passed my driving test first time! My driving instructor was Louise, she is so friendly and patient, I highly recommend her to anyone and have already given out details to new people who want to learn to drive! Louise is amazing! I am so happy to be on the open road and couldn't have done it without her 😄

Martina Kemp

Thank you Louise 😊

I had Louise for my instructor and couldn't fault her, always patient and persevered with me even when I was slow at getting it! Lol, I passed first time and am super chuffed. Defiantly recommend!

tammy mockett

Thank You Natalie!

Natalie is a brilliant instructor. So calm and patient (even if I wasn't with myself!) During lessons we'd have a right laugh but at the end of the day I'd always finish the lesson having learnt something and gained confidence on the road.

I didn't pass first time but I always felt that Natalie was as keen as me for me to try again!

Thank you Nat! You're an absolute star! I will miss you and our lessons greatly! Xx

Autumn Lane


I had Natalie for my instructor and she was great. I had a previous driving instructor before and she picked me up straight away with my lessons! With only 8 hours of driving time with her she got me up to scratch with everything that I had been taught wrong! Thanks Natalie ๐Ÿ™‚

Terri Baguley

Amazing! Passed First time!

Louise was a great instructor! She gave me clear instructions and always supported me with any areas that I did not fully understand. I felt very relaxed while driving and I also felt that the lessons I had with her fully prepared me for my test. Towards the end of my lessons I could really see how far I`d come since my first lesson and I can honestly say that I couldn't of done it with out her support and instruction. I am so grateful for the lessons I received and would recommend Louise and 1st for Driving to any learner! Thank you!

Stuart Barnes

Passed First Time With Louise!

I am generally a nervous person and I had my confidence knocked with a different instructor so Louise was very patient with me which is just what I needed. I never thought I would be driving 5 months after starting lessons! She explained things clearly and would boost my confidence when I felt I wasn't doing too good. I passed first go with 3 faults (I still can't quite believe it!)

Thank you once again!

Hayleigh Tague

Natalie Was Brilliant

Natalie was brilliant! Kept me calm and made me concentrate! And kept bending over backwards to fit me into her busy schedule at short notice most of the time! She gave a great calming and controlled approach when instructing me.

John tyler


Natalie is a superb instructor! I had a fairly short amount of time to refine my skills and learn structure to my driving - but with Natalie's calm and straight forward approach to teaching I was able to learn quickly and efficiently. Natalie gave me the know-how and excellent routine that I was lacking. I had a tailor-made crash course that I don't think could have gone any better!
Natalie, thank you very much. I definitely couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Bryonee Browne

A pleasure to learn with you!

Natalie Hosking 5*!.
Natalie right from the word go was an absolutely incredible instructor, she was my second tutor and by a long shot my old tutor was blown out of the water, from the friendly and warming introduction right up to the exam day were you could see Nat really wants you to pass, She cares so much for you and has such enthusiasm towards her job; its truly admirable the way she goes about her work. I've sent her messages at most hours of the day and had quick informative replies, i was always treated fairly with regards to distributing lesson hours between me and the other learners and even put up with my difficult working hours!. Nat really put the fun into learning how to drive and i find that was key to my success!. I was shown flexible lesson plans that made it obvious that every lesson was tailored to me, i was taught in a way that I as an individual responds to learning, Natalie blatantly has an arsenal of training aids and instruction variants which she used at her own discretion and knowledge of you to tailor lessons around you, your ability and skills. I understand this will fall into more of a review than a testimonial, but i just hope that this is enough of a recommendation to anyone eager to learn how to drive in a calm, fun and professionally safe environment to get in touch with Natalie or the team of 1st 4 Driving and book up some lessons. I hope that even through the midst of what may seem like a cacophony of voices blurting different opinions towards instructors at you, you see that this Nat and 1st for Driving is the safe and logical decision; Just look at their track record.
Many thanks for everything, All the best for the future

Tate Godwin


Thank you Louise for helping me finally pass my test, very good teacher and felt really calm and relaxed when driving with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan Harmon

Natalie Hosking

Natalie was recommended to me by friends and family, I'm so glad I was able to have my lessons with her. She was relaxed and explained everything to me better than anyone else has! she got me through quickly and when it came to my test I still felt relaxed and confident on the day. I passed with 4 minor faults! I will be recommending Natalie to everyone I know who wants to learn and become a confident driver for life!!

Charlotte Michelson

Awesome Nat

I think its important when learning to drive to balance an approachable and communicative instructor with correct tuition, insight and constructive error correction.
Its a difficult balance to find, despite there being two hundred billion instructors in the local area.
Thankfully Natalie was recommended to me and successfully incorporates all these elements into her driving tuition.
Shes a great personality; cheerful, patient and really cares about you as a future driver.
Shes a great teacher; focusing the lessons on helping you progress in needed areas, with clear and thorough guidelines and assessment.

Natalie is the type of person you want to be taught by. With Natalie you will have a great time and no doubt some great laughs, but the bottom line is you will be taught, skillfully and correctly.

I wish her all the best and all those learner drivers out there the best too.

Andrew Hastings

Lovely & Patient!

A great big thank you to Louise!! A fantastic teacher and awesome lady!! I will be recommending you to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I always felt comfortable, even when I was making my silly mistakes! You gave me so much confidence and I really appreciate it!

Kiara Simpson

Fantastic !

Thanks so much to Louise for getting me to passing my test in such a short space of time! Your such a great teacher and thank you for being so patient!

Will recommend you ๐Ÿ™‚


Passed first time!

A big thank you to Natalie who helped me pass my test first time, with only 4 driving faults. I wouldn't have passed when I did if, not only the dedication to her job was so evident, but also the increasing amount of faith she continuously had in me. I really couldn't have wished for a more supportive instructor.

Thank you so much,


Catherine Martin

Natalie helped me when I lost all confidence!

Natalie is an incredible driving instructor! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! After a month of being messed around by another driving instructor she took me under her wing and helped me with confidence in general as well as learning to drive. She is such a fantastic lady! No matter what situation I was in she would make me feel relaxed and in control! I couldn't thank Natalie enough for helping me pass my driving test because it is the best thing I have ever done!

Tegen Hall

first time pass with Natalie!

Passed first time with Natalie- the lessons were always a friendly calm atmosphere. Natalie was the 3rd driving instructor I had used over the 10 years it took me to get here, just felt at such ease every lesson. I thank Natalie so much- amazing instructor.

Natalie Clift

What a transformation!

I chose to learn to drive with Natalie as I had read that she was excellent with nervous learner drivers. This couldn't have been more true, I have gone from being totally scared and nervous to enjoying driving. Nat is easy going and patient, but also so creative in explaining things in different ways until you it clicks for you. She has transformed my experience. I passed my driving test with only two minor faults, a feat I thought impossible. I would recommend Natalie to any person learning to drive, especially those who are nervous learners. She is amazing!

Kate Linnell

Natalie helped me pass when no one else could!!

I started learning with Natalie after trying with a couple of other instructors that I never clicked with - one of which actually told me I should probably give up with a manual and try learning in an automatic! When I came to her I was quite nervous and I had no confidence on the road at all. I felt that I was fated to never pass my test as driving didn't come naturally to me at all. My lessons with Natalie have not only been productive, well planned and tailored to my own needs but they have been enjoyable too. She managed to distract me enough to calm nerves, build the confidence in me to help me with my test and not lose her patience on the bad days! Thank you Nat!

Mary Holman

2nd time pass

hi i learned with louise nicholas , louise ha helped me by with my fear of othe cars, once i got over that she taught me everything i needed, i didnt pass first time due to nerve but more relaxed 2nd time with the help of louise beforehand x

lisa palmer
1st 4 driving

Natalie Hosking

I chose to learn with Natalie and remember being so excited but nervous for my first lesson. As soon as I got into the car with Nat and started, all the nerves went. After my first lesson I couldn't wait for the next. The instruction I was given was always helpful and if I ever didn't understand something, Nat would always go over it and help me until I did. I always felt at ease with Natalie, even if things weren't going right, and I always felt encouraged by her which improved my confidence a lot. A brilliant instructor who would happily recommend to anyone! Thank you Nat! ๐Ÿ™‚


Brilliant instructor - Natalie

Natalie is a brilliant instructor, very patient. She gives you so much confidence. I had two instructor before Natalie and can safely say Natalie is the best instructor going. I couldn't of asked for better!!! Would recommend to anyone!! Thank you Nat. xx

Laura Chapman

Thank You Louise

Louise has been such a good instructor. She really adapts the lessons to suit you and your needs. Louise doesn't just teach you how to pass your test but teaches you real life driving for after you have passed. Would recommend to everyone!

Kate Thomas

Louise is a star!

Passed first time with Louise. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. She was patient, great to get on with and even put up with my driving tourettes!
So happy to have passed but sad to not have any more lessons with Louise.
Thank you so much

Jamie Hill

Passed First Time!

Thanks to my amazing instructor Natalie who went out of her way to help me with lessons I passed first time with only 3 minors.

I've had many many driving instructors over the years and I can say that Natalie was by far the best! Patient, polite, caring with very good instruction!

Thank you so much!


Michael Bellini

Fantastic driving instructor!

Natalie is a fantastic instructor, I'd recommend her to anyone. She really helped me with my nerves and was very clear in her instruction. Thank you Natalie! xx

Verity Hill


Thanks so much to Louise for getting me to passing my test in such a short space of time! Your such a great teacher and thank you for being so patient!

Will recommend you ๐Ÿ™‚



Thanks to Louise I passed faster than I ever thought I would ! Her fantastic patience and thorough confidence in me really helped make the process enjoyable! Thanks a bunch.

Big thank you to louise!

imageBig thank you to louise for getting me through my test, having so much patients with me, and boosting my confidence. Will recommend you to people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Passed my test first time!

My instructor was Louise , I have been learning for a few months but today passed my test first time. Louise was a great instructor, she was very supportive through the tough times that all learners go through and never made me feel like I wasn't any good. She would give me great advice about how to manage my anxieties and worries as a new driver practically but also emotionally. I felt like I was out driving with my friend , so it didn't feel intense. I strongly advise any new drivers to take up lessons with 1st4driving and Louise. I am an extremely happy customer and will forever able be thankful to Louise and all her patience.


I couldn't of done it without her!

My driving instructor was Natalie, she was really friendly and she made me feel relaxed while driving, although it took 3 attempts to pass my test I couldn't of done it without her. I would defiantly recommend her to anyone who was learning. Thank you Nat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kerenza Watts

Passed my test with flying colours!

Thanks to Louise my instructor for giving me the confidence and ability to drive safe and pass my test with flying colours.

Marco Trethowan

Big thank you to Nat!

My driving instructor was Natalie, I had bad experiences with another instructor before contacting Natalie and was thinking of giving up! But she is a lovely lady, very easy to get on with, and made me feel at ease in the car, I would recommend her to anyone. Big thank you to Nat, I passed my test 01/09/14 with 5 minor faults! xx

Sophie Jeffree

I'm truly thankful!

When I started lessons with Natalie I had lots of previous knowledge but was constantly let down in different areas with previous instructors, Natalie supported me in these areas by providing me with advice on how to do it simply, calm my nerves and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. Shes a great instructor and i'm truly thankful

Laura Tucker

Exceptional quality for money

I had previous bad experiences with tests - Natalie Hosking my instructor saved me from giving up completely. Natalie is down to earth patient and the best instructor I wish I had when starting my driving lessons. I passed today first time with her down Camborne she is a star and is a great instructor! Go with this company you are mad not to they will get you through it and don't let you slack. Thank you one in a million you have been a brilliant service and well recommended!! Xx cheer and gone!!! Xxx I passed today!

Emma Jane kessell

fantastic and easy going.

Image of a pupil who has passed their test with 1st 4 Driving Cornwall

I think I had a great time. All my lessons worked around my convenience. Natalie Hosking is an excellent instructor. She helped me neaten up my driving very quickly. The test was a challenge for me but I made it in the thanks to Natalie Hosking. She helped me become confident and to be ready. Big thanks to Natalie.

Mohammed Miah

Louise is number 1

Thank you so much for putting up with me and most of all helping me to pass my test i really cant thank you enough.
I have a whole new world out there waiting for me now and i could not of done it with out you steering me in the right direction.
Thank you again

Alexandra Buncombe

I enjoyed my lessons very much with Natalie

"I enjoyed my lessons very much with Natalie, she was very patient and taught everything in good time, which helped with building confidence on the road and controlling the car. When I found something difficult or didn't understand it was addressed straight away. Thank you so much Nat!"

Millie Bailey

Natalie's brilliant

I was fortunate enough to be learning to drive with Natalie who by the after 1 lesson had me on the roads already! With no previous driving experience, Natalie was very good at reassuring me and providing extremely useful tips to use whilst driving. She made every lesson challenging which is the best way to go about learning as you are put in a load of different scenarios to prep you for anything that could come up in the real test! By all means, Natalie's pathway to teaching people how to drive is amazing! A very flexible, and sociable lovely person to have! I passed first time with 1 minor. Thank you very much Natalie Hosking ๐Ÿ™‚ I would highly recommend Natalie Hosking and 1st for Driving!

Jack Stanley

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all the help and support! your star!
Great instructor! x

Jade Grady

Louise is a star!

Passed first time with Louise. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. She was patient, great to get on with and even put up with my driving tourettes!
So happy to have passed but sad to not have any more lessons with Louise.
Thank you so much

Jamie Hill

Brilliant driving instructor!

I learned to drive with Natalie having had no previous driving experience or knowledge. Right from the beginning I was made to feel very comfortable and safe whilst learning. Natalie always had a friendly and patient manner which made learning easy, clear and enjoyable so that I always looked forward to my driving lessons. Natalie greatly helped build up my confidence over time so that I not only felt prepared for the actual driving test but also driving for life afterwards. Lessons were delivered in a calm, reassuring and professional manner; the quality of teaching is definitely worth the price (which is very reasonable!) and I would highly recommend Natalie and 1st4driving!

Shannon Williams

Fantastic instructor

I had Natalie as my driving instructor, and after having no previous driving experience she guided me through all practical test aspects methodically. Natalie ensured that the car maintained a calm and fun environment throughout all my lessons. would highly recommend 1stfordriving Cornwall.


Great Instructor

I had lessons with Natalie. She showed me how to do all of the manoeuvres I needed to know she would also assure me in what I had done and that I needed to check my mirrors. She was very helpful and I would recommend her onto anyone, she was a great instructor.

Shaun Young

Such a fun time and experience!

I had Natalie as my driving instructor, and after a previous driving instructor from another company had put me off driving, Nat made me feel instantly comfortable and excited to go to my lessons, the days couldn't come quick enough!! She really helped me with my confidence on the road and got me to pass first time with only 3 minors! Nat was always a great laugh and made me feel relaxed and confident with driving. Would highly recommend 1st4drivingcornwall to anybody who is learning to drive, and it comes at a very good price too!
Thank you very much!! (:

Perran Hobson

miracle worker Louise helped me pass

I was not an easy student by any means and alot of effort and patience was required by louise. Her relaxed and fun approach to lessons was great and I fully recommend her to everyone! If she can help me pass then she could easily help you! I passed in april and im sure I would still be learning with anyone else!!!! J.W

joseph wright

Highly recommend!

After a year of living in cornwall using buses I got fed up and started to look for a driving instructor. Had Natalie Hosking recommended to me by a former learner and was so glad I went with her. I had started to learn over a decade ago but gave up as I didn't get on with the instructor which destroyed my confidence or desire to drive. By the end of the first lesson I felt totally at ease, Natalie helped with my confidence issues and before long it felt like I had been driving around for years! Cannot recommend Natalie highly enough to new learners, she's patient, calm, and knows how to make you feel positive about every lesson you have!

Danielle Grattan-Kane

Passed first time!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I had Natalie as my driving instructor and she is by far the best! I was with a different driving instructor before Natalie, and I wish I had just started with her. She helped me so much with my theory which was my main worry, I managed to pass first time, thanks to her help! She explained everything so simply and in a way i'd understand. She broke everything down into stages and this helped make everything clear. Every lesson was a laugh and I always felt so relaxed. I use to hate going for lessons with my previous instructor, but now that I've passed with the help of Natalie I'm disappointed that they're over. I would recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you so much Natalie for everything!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Emma Moore

Brilliant driving instructor

My driving instructor was Natalie Hoskin. I had a few lessons before joining with Natalie, but it was by far the best decision. I enjoyed all my lessons with her, she's so easy to get along with and have a laugh, but still is very thorough with her driving lesson standards. I passed with her and now feel so confident with driving on my own.
Would recommend her to everyone!

Grace Emily Hunt

Passed first time!

My driving instructor was Natalie and she was fantastic! I'd had a couple of driving instructors before her but left them due to certain issues. With Natalie, I could arrange my lessons for almost any time I wanted and the instructing was fantastic - clear, concise and most importantly, memorable!! I felt confident even after 2 weeks of driving and there were plenty of places we went to that challeneged my driving skill. I passed first time with only one minor so I can say from personal experience that they know how to get results. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of learning to drive!


Passed first time ๐Ÿ™‚

I had Natalie as a driving instructor from my 17th birthday through to when I passed, which was first time and took me 6 months. She is an excellent driving instructor and many of my friends and friends' friends have also had lessons with her and would highly recommend her. Thanks Nat ๐Ÿ™‚

Laura White

Excellent Driving Instructor

My instructor was Natalie, she is an excellent driving instructor as she is very patient, friendly and thorough. I would definately recommend her to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.


Passed first time.. Yipee

My driving instructor was Natalie Hosking. Not only did she teach me, she also taugh my sister, and a few others that I know. Natalie was excellent, she had a lot of patients which was definitely good for me, as I wasn't a fast learner. If you were unsure of anything whilst you driving or for that matter you start to panic, there isn't anything you should worry about, Natalie will keep you calm and talk you through it. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone. Thanks Nat.

Emily White

Passed first time ๐Ÿ™‚

I had Natalie Hosking as my driving instructor and she was brilliant. I did have a few lessons prior to those with Natalie but changing both company and instructor was definitely the best choice I made. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Natalie, and came away each time feeling positive about the lesson. She has great patience and communication with you. I passed my driving test first time, and thanks to Natalie felt confident with my driving. I would recommend Natalie to anyone learning to drive.


Passed 1st time!

I learnt to drive with Natalie, I see her as a friendly and relaxed instructor, she tailored lessons around my student timetable - flexible, affordable prices, I passed first time with 2 minors, I would and have recommended to family and friends.


Professional and fun

Nat is an excellent driving instructor, very professional and very calming (a biggy as I suffered from nerves) and gives the learner the confidence to succeed. For anyone looking to start out, or who is looking for a change of instructor, Nat is the person to go too.

Robert Wood

friendly and calm

Natalie was my driving instructor, she was friendly, patient, calm and proffesional She gave me confidence after a bad experiance with another instructor and never wanted me to have more lessons than I actually needed. I would recomend her to anyone.


Brilliant driving instructor

Natalie was my instructor, I went with her after having another instructor, shes an excellent instructor always looked foward to my lessons she always stayed carm and would reassure me I was doing fine , would recommend her a thousand times! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks nat xx

Jess Hunt

Passed first time!

Nat is an amazing instructor, she's incredibly easy to get along with, with a very down to earth personality but professional attitude towards driving. She really takes into account what you think you need to focus on to make yourself a better driver and will continue to help you until you perfect it and feel comfortable. I'm so glad I chose 1st 4 driving and without Nat, I probably wouldn't have passed first time!


Great Instructor ๐Ÿ™‚

i had Louise as my instructor and she was absolutely great i was very nervous about driving but Louise was very calm and patient with me and i passed my test last week ๐Ÿ™‚ i would highly recommend Louise to my friends and will even give her a call wen my missus does her driving

Tony Halfhide

Fab driving instructor

I choose Natalie as I wanted to learn to drive but felt more comfortable being taught by a female, Natalie made me feel very relaxed after the very first lesson, and I really looked forward to my lessons every week. Natalie also tried to fit round my husbands different shifts. I didn't pass straight away as I get really bad nerves and get flustered easily but Natalie tried different ways of dealing with them and also worked around my confusion with round abouts. I finally passed my test with 3 minors thanks to Natalie not giving up on me when i thought i couldnt do it. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Catherine Robinson

Excellent Instructor!!

I had Natalie and every lesson was so much fun. She made each lesson informative and challenging, but also when I wanted to try something or go somewhere to widen my experience it was no problem. She was always friendly making me completely at ease and at the same time provided a professional service. I learnt so much better because I enjoyed each lesson. I passed after only 6 1/2 months! I cannot recommend her highly enough!!

Corinne Lucas

Driving Lessons with Lousie Nicholas

I had never driven before, and was really nervous when I started out but Louise made me feel 100% safe. Louise is a very experienced and professional driving instructor, and she has an excellent teaching technique, she gave clear and easy instructions which helped me feel comfortable and relaxed on my lessons. Louiseโ€™s lessons are not only well thought out structured, but her instructions were clear and precise and this, for me, enabled me to learn and understand quickly. Louise has made driving a real pleasure; she is patient, supportive, and enthusiastic and has raised my confidence as a driver! She helped me get to grip with my nerves and helped me to believe in myself which then allowed me to pass my test at last! She is always helpful and good natured; itโ€™s like having a friend in the car! I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone I know looking for a reliable driving instructor!

Kirsty Morewood

by lynda nicholls (penzance)

I had louise as my instructor she was great i didnt have a clue how to drive b4 louise tought me, i was`nt very good at remembering things to do but louise was a great teacher i passed my test very quickly in less time than what i exspected. Now i believe i am a brilliant driver ๐Ÿ™‚ thankx 2 louise ๐Ÿ™‚ and i also been telling people bout her and my brother is taking lessons from her at the mo and he is doing brilliant.


David Houston Horsedowns

I had natalie teaching me she explained stuff to me where no other instructor had and it worked perfectly amazing instructor eexcellent teaching methods i am glad i chose to go with 1st 4 driving as had booked my test managed to fit me in so thankful i chose 1st 4 driving highly recommend thank you so much natalie very appreciated x

David Houston

louise brilliant instructor !!

I had louise as my instuctor she`s a brilliant teacher as when i started my lessons i didnt have a clue how to drive, my goal was to pass my test b4 my baby is born and she helped me achieve that as ive passed and baby due anyday now i adivise most of my friends to take lessons from louise ๐Ÿ™‚


Driving Lessons

I had Louise as my teacher, she was great, helpful & a brilliant teacher. Highly recommended. Great Teacher


Natalie Hosking

I had Natalie as my instructor and she was very patient and answered any questions regarding any part of the lesson you're not understanding. I found that Natalie doesn't only help you pass your driving test but also helps you understand how to drive once you've passed your test which helped me a lot after i passed. Very friendly instructor, easy to get along with which meant i learnt a lot quicker.

Tom Olliff

Natalie Hosking

I had Natalie as my instructor, she was brilliant! she helped me build up my confidence and focused on the things i struggled most on, which helped me to pass first time. She was always happy and friendly and great value for money! definitely recommend her!


Recommend Louise !

I had Louise as my instructor. She was amazing! Felt really comfortable having her as my instructor. She is very flexiable with lessons and always makes sure you do get your lessons even if she is busy! would really recommend her as an instructor as she always says calm and makes it a really enjoyable experiance learning to drive!!

Sophie Cox

Louise Nicholas - Great Instructor!!

I had Louise as my instructor and am very happy that I did! I had no previous driving experience so felt quite nervous about being on the road. Louise was calm and supportive and helped me to get over this. Her lessons were always very well structured and her instructions were easy to follow. She had a friendly but professional approach and her experience really shows through. Above all she does not waste your time so found myself learning quickly. I passed first time! I chose to go with Louise on a friends recommendation and I would recommend her to anyone who asks.


Great Instructor!

I had Louise as my instructor. She was great as she didnt waste my time on going over things I didnt really need to know or already knew. I wanted to get my licence as quickly as possible and she helped me do this making sure I was still driving correctly but not drawing out lessons just to make money, as I have had many instructors in the past who have done this. Really great instructor, highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

Cherie Hague

Louise, highly recommended

Louise was my driving instructure for 18months, thought out this period Louise was very patient with me as I was a very nervous learner, and at times I felt like given up but Louise pushed me through it an gave me the confidence to carry on an pass my test, A BIG THANK YOU I recommend you to anyone

Lynn Hicklin


If your looking for someone who knows what the taking about! This is the place you need to be! Really amazing methods of teaching and calmly done also! Well worth every penny!


Louise 100% best driving instructor

I started my lessons with Louise in 2008 and finally today 5 years later after having lessons on and off. I've passed Louise has been very patient with me and very supportive I couldn't have had a better instructor couldn't have got thu my test without her support ๐Ÿ™‚


I passed

I had lessons with Natalie. I was very nervous when I started and she was very patient and always happy and friendly and done her best to make me feel at ease. She new what areas of driving I needed to address and her teaching methods worked for me very well can't thank her enough


Natalie is unbelievable!!

Just wanted to write how fantastic Natalie is. I am heavily pregnant and right from the start she made me feel comfortable and confident. She is an excellent driving instructor, her teaching methods are brilliant and I really loved my driving lessons. I would strongly recommend to have her as my driving instructor. I passed first time and my hope was to pass before my baby came which I did! Very quick!! Natalie pushes you to your limit to make sure you progress and get that driving license! Actually miss my lessons! But love being a confident driver! Thanks Nat

Becky Sear


Very professional, notified lessons Extremely useful lessons every single time, even better when if there's something you want to learn you bring that to lesson and nat will go through it. Very easy to get on with, great fun, learnt so much! Passed first time within no time at all! Definately reccomend 1st 4 driving, best prices for what you get by far in cornwall, can't stress enough how quickly and easily you learn to drive with nat and 1st 4 driving! Worth every penny.


Natalie is a Star!

I passed my test 20 years ago, but hadn't driven since and had built up a real phobia of driving. Natalie was so patient with all my fears and anxiety, and really built up my confidence so that I could finally start driving.Thanks Nat ๐Ÿ™‚

Alice Hole

Would definitly reccomend!

I was with 1st 4 Driving for a months and they were very helpful. Natalie was a great driving instructor that goes through everything step by step and if you don't understand it will go through it calmly until you understand it. It was a very good company to learn with ๐Ÿ™‚ I would definitely recommend it!

Niamh Cook


I had my driving lessons with Natalie after not having any for 3 years and she really built up my confidence! She was very patient and helps you understand everything you need to know about driving for life and not just the test. Brilliant prices and have already started to recommend her to friends. Passed first time all thanks to Natalie. Thank you so much for being a brilliant instructor!

Chloe-Alice Slade

Natalie Hosking

I am so pleased i was recommended Nat by a friend because she is honestly the best driving instructor you could ask for! I personally had little confidence in my driving and she has built it up so much and taught me so much. She goes above and beyond to make the driving process easy and understandable. If you are looking for a good driving instructor who will teach you how to not only pass your test but drive safely and correctly then go with Nat!


Brilliant Instructor

I am so pleased that a friend of mine recommended 1st for driving to help me learn to drive, i first started learning with another company but he shouted at me when i done something wrong and i hated the experience, Natalie on the other hand is calm and reassuring, when you get something wrong she talks you though and made driving a really nice calm experience, I recommend anyone wanting to drive to have her as your instructor, you wont regret it xxxxx


Natalie Hosking

I was recommended to learn to drive with Natalie by a lot of members of the public. I was made to feel so comfortable from day one, the first time I sat in Natalie's car and was constantly encouraged. Natalie's personality is phenomenal, calming, focussed on what has to be done, very positive but also very bubbly which is great when working with young customers. Natalie is constantly smiling, there was never a silent moment when learning to drive with Natalie; as well as instructing me to drive I felt very comfortable in talking to Natalie like a friend. Natalie ensured I knew every aspect of driving to ensure I passed my test by the date I had my heart set on taking it. Natalie went through every skill/manoeuvre individually and in great depth until it was perfect. She has great patience and people skills and is generally a lovely person to be around especially when performing/learning something quite nerve racking. ( All nerves will disappear) ๐Ÿ™‚ On the day of my test, 12th December 2013 Natalie's positivity was still very high and I passed my test with 4 minor faults. Natalie will teach you in depth and with great safety. PHENOMENAL instructor and would recommend her to anyone wanting a great, relaxed first driving experience! Thank you Natalie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Leoni Martos

Natalie Hosking No1 ๐Ÿ™‚

I was recommended to Natalie by quite a few people from their previous experience, Natalie would also make me feel welcome and calm throughout my lessons, from day 1 right up until pass date. Natalie didn't just feel like my driving instructor but someone I could trust and talk to if I was nervous, I never felt scared to ask questions about driving. Even through my theory test Natalie was their for me and would always be happy to answer any problems or concerns I had. I may not have passed 1st time, I was never made to feel like a failure and that I couldn't come back and do it again, Natalie was very keen to get me booked back in and passed 2nd time:) I would highly recommend Natalie to any drivers young or older she is very experienced driving instructor and doesn't just teach you how to pass your test but teaches you real life driving after you have passed.

Laura Treglown
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